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Крупные аксессуары. Шапка и "труба"

Модель из журнала 

Moments 024 - Schachenmayr select Big Accessoires. You love generous volumes and chunky knitting patterns? Then this is the right booklet for you! The new Schachenmayr select Savanti, Schachenmayr select Coralita and other yarns from our range are knitted together to make warm winter accessories.

This striking knitted ladies’ hat made with Schachenmayr select Highland Alpaca is deliciously warm and uncomplicated at the same time. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t scratch. And the best part is that that no matter if you let a magnificent head of hair peep out of the hat or if you hide a short pixie cut underneath it, with this hat you will always look fantastic!

A snood or an oversized collar? This design made with Schachenmayr select Coralit incorporates the two, which is why it is called a loop collar. As you can see, it protects the head, neck and shoulders without restricting your freedom of movement. What´s more, it makes a great addition to a sporty outfit. Plenty of good reasons then to start knitting.

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